We couldn’t do this without support. Grants and donations (cash and in-kind) support the production of multiple events and year-round programming. Margate Pride works with supporters that share its values and ensures that those relationships are working to further the organisation’s mission. From receiving in-kind donations of food and drinks for our volunteers to giving us the ability to expand our reach to the older and younger communities, there are many reasons why support leads to the overall benefit and increased visibility of the LGBTQIA+ community and in turn, has a positive impact on the whole of our community in Margate, Thanet and beyond.


The team researches the prospective supporter to check its history with the LGBTQIA+ community. 
The team discusses its programming and how the potential supporter can be mutually supportive of each other. A decision is made and support/a partnership is applied for/accepted.

Employees / customers feel seen, heard, and supported.
Support for additional LGBTQIA+ programmes for the local community.
Employs 50+ queer creatives each year.
Production of FREE events such as Mx Margate and The Margate Pride Arts Map.
In-kind donations to Margate Pride such as PR assistance, food/beverages and more.
Annually works with multiple grant-giving organisations as well as many small and local businesses.