Photo credit: Marika Kochiashvili

BRINK Residency 2024 Margate Pride’s Artist’s Residency for Kent and Thanet based LGBTQIA+ Creatives.

Margate Pride is inviting applications from LGBTQIA+ creatives based in Kent and Thanet to participate in the third BRINK residency this summer. BRINK Residency takes place over five days and is an opportunity for artists and creatives working across varied disciplines to take up space, react, respond and create. 

BRINK encourages the cultivation and generation of creativity through collaboration and negotiation. When different practices meet and lived experiences are shared, new worlds appear in creative collisions. 

BRINK residency facilitates space for LGBTQIA+ imagination, practice, methodologies and lived experience to explore, collaborate and create over seven days with a sharing of their work at the end.




  • the edge or margin of a steep place or of land bordering water.
  • any extreme edge; verge.
  • a crucial or critical point, especially of a situation or state beyond which success or catastrophe occurs

The residency invites participants to explore and respond to notions of the BRINK: 

being on, coming back from, breaching, going beyond. 


The BRINK could be a destination, physical or psychological, emotional, environmental, spiritual or political. It is a threshold site, a verge, a transition in a multitude of possibilities.

LGBTQIA+ lives exist in these liminal spaces, dualistic places that are often paradoxical and othering, impulsive and theoretical.

This residency explores LGBTQIA+ responses to these concepts of the BRINK.


Residency: 29th July  to 2nd  August.


The residency takes place over five days at ARK, Cliftonville’s cultural space.

The residency will start with an introduction to the space.

A welcome to the residency and the group.

A workshop with a local queer artist.

There will be a midweek check in available to all participants with BRINK facilitator and producer Lo Lo No.

There will be a sharing of work at the end of the residency. The format of this sharing will be decided by the group so a midweek discussion on this subject will be encouraged.

Previous years have seen an immersive group performance and a more traditional exhibition.

Access to the space is not 24 hrs but later access can be organised on request.


The BRINK residency started in 2021 and was conceived by artist and producer Lo Lo No, who also participated in the residency which took place at Nayland Rock Hotel in collaboration with Margate Now Festival. In 2023 BRINK took place at Resort Studios Project Space which is based at the iconic Dreamland amusement park.


To apply to BRINK please supply

  • A short biography or CV with links to website and social media if you have them.
  • An artist statement on your creative practice (max 400 words or a 4 minute video). 
  • Answer these three questions
  • How does the concept of the Brink resonate and connect with you?
  • What do you hope to experience and gain from the residency?
  • Are you interested in making collaborative work with other participants?
  • Does making site specific work inspire you?
  • A minimum of five samples of your work.
  • Please let us know if you have access requirements.

Please submit applications  as pdf documents or video files no larger than 10MB to with ‘BRINK 24 APPLICATION’ in the email subject by noon on Sunday 5th June. Please use this email to make contact with any questions you may have.



  • An £200 stipend towards food and other expenses. 
  • A workshop with a local queer artist.
  • Opportunities to share: exhibit or perform your work made during the residency.
  • Build a network with other LGBTQIA+ artists, curators and galleries in the area.
  • Potential for further collaborative partnerships with Margate Pride and other participants.
  • There is some existing tech like projectors available and a full list will be supplied.
  • Overall materials budget of £300 for the group.



BRINK residency is an open call for Kent and Thanet based LGBTQIA+ artists (this does not include ‘Allies’). 


Applications will be viewed by a panel on a points system to avoid bias in selection.

Positive action will be used to ensure the formation of a group that feels balanced in a vue to feeling supported and not one participant being othered by under representation.

This decision has been made in response to feedback from previous years participants.


Deadline to  submit applications via email is 12pm Sunday 5th June. 

We aim for applicants to be notified of the outcome of their application the w/c 20th June.


There is no accommodation offered as part of this residency.



ARK is based in the former Margate Synagogue which was built in 1929. As such, physical access in the building is limited. Improving this is integral to the forthcoming capital project. More information can be found on their website here.

In the meantime, however, we are doing all we can to ensure the building is as accessible as possible.They have recently installed a ground floor accessible WC – door opening 750mm. 

There are two steps to the main entrance and we have a portable ramp. 

We have no designated parking bays at present, but it is usually possible to drop-off outside the building. 


The residency is majoritively led by the participants and they will be responsible for their own self care during the experience.


A Pride contact will always be available by telephone.


A technician will assist in installation needs of the sharing on the day of the sharing.