Mx Margate is back! Do you want to take part?

Margate Pride is putting its queer twist on the pageants of Margate’s yesteryear.

We are looking to crown the fourth Mx Margate at this year’s Margate Pride on Saturday, 10th August, at Dreamland.

There is no admission fee.

No heats – we will be shortlisting from the submission to perform at Dreamland this year.

Deadline for entry 12 JUNE

We actively encourage applications from all genders, ages, races, LGBTIQIA+ people, long-term Thanet residents and those with disabilities.


Rule of MX Margate

  1. Contestants must be fair and open-minded; the competition is queer and open to all shapes, sizes, and varieties!
  2. Contestants agree that their photos, videos, and/or likenesses may be used in promoting the event.
  3.  Manner of dress are up to each contestant, and while contestants are free to push boundaries, they must do so within the limits of the law and with respect to others. 
  4. Applicants must be 16+
  5. You must read and agree to our Code of Conduct

Margate Pride has the right to refuse applicants competing who disrespect any race, gender, disability or any other minority group. Love is the law!

Mx Margate 2024 will lead our Pride parade and will reign until next year’s Pageant and will crown the 2025 Mx Margate.