We couldn’t make an impact without support. Grants and donations (cash and in-kind) support the production of multiple events and year-round programming. Margate Pride works with supporters that share its values and ensures that those relationships are working to further the organisation’s mission. From receiving in-kind donations of food and drinks for our volunteers; a space to run a workshop or social; to giving us the ability to expand our reach to the older and younger communities by sharing and promoting activity, there are many reasons why support leads to the overall benefit and increased visibility of the LGBTQIA+ community and in turn, has a positive impact on the whole of our community in Margate, Thanet and beyond. 


More of this is outlined in our Friends of Dorothy initiative – a guide to how you can be a true ally.


Margate Pride is a Community Interest Company, (CIC) and operates under an ethical funding model. Being a CIC is a non-profit company which exists to benefit the community. We do not seek or accept corporate sponsorship*. You won’t see big company logos at our Pride events. The majority of our funding comes from Trusts & Foundations.

With a recently appointed team (March 2024) who work part-time one or two days a week, Pride activities are bolstered by volunteers. As a grass-roots DIY Pride we have grown by being volunteer-led since our inception with the core committee dedicating thousands of hours to making Pride happen. 

Money raised goes towards things including creatives’ fees, workshop materials, licenses, insurance, security and venue hire. Margate Pride is committed to delivering community and arts projects throughout the year, in addition to organising the August Festival and Pride Day that align with our mission



How is Margate Pride funded?


Towards the end of 2023 we received a grant from The National Lottery Community Fund which will support 40% of our activity up until 2028, with the remainder of our funds being made up of grants from other Trusts & Foundations such as Arts Council England; donations from individuals; sales from our shop, Gay Items; sales to our ticketed events (most are free), and fundraising events.


Furthermore, local businesses support Pride by engaging in pride promotions, such as donating a percentage of their sales during Pride Festival on an item and giving the proceeds to either Margate Pride or another LGBTQIA+ nonprofit. Margate Pride evaluates larger businesses, ensuring alignment with our values. Our Friends of Dorothy initiative supports this. 


*What is Corporate Sponsorship and why do we not seek or accept it? 


Sponsorship is a form of marketing where a company provides funding in exchange for promotion at an event and the use of their logo/branding. As a community Pride, Margate Pride’s primary focus remains on the core mission of Pride itself, rather than promoting brands or companies. Margate Pride is dedicated to uplifting and showcasing organisations that share our mission and vision.)

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