Olivia Strange ‘It Softens The Blow, That Deep Melodic Bliss’

Liminal Gallery 34 Fort Hill, Margate

Pulling together the multifarious strands of Strange’s practice "It Softens the Blow, That Deep Melodic Bliss" explores notions of escape and survival through snapshot moments of euphoria and pleasure, as an act of resistance. The work celebrates the freedom and intimacy found within singular moments...


Dirty Linen

Crate 1 Bilton Square, Margate

Via an installation of painting and expanded painting, Russell Chater presents a (homo)erotic narrative with nods to both the autobiographical and art historical; the spiritual and the sexual. Thoughts around surface, touch, display and concealment are teased - with works, perhaps ultimately, a reflection on...


Is the WiFi Good in Hell?

The Tom Thumb Theatre 2A Eastern Esplanade, Margate

‘Chapman's debut play isn't just genuine; it is brutally real.' ★★★★★ (The New Current) 2008. Margate isn't cool (yet). 12-year old Dev sits on a derelict shack, sandwiched between Margate's sea and the abandoned theme park, Dreamland. He's also recently discovered gay people exist... Is...