OPEN CALL for LGBTQIA+ Artists!!!!

Red Flags III: Not A Phase
The exhibition runs Friday 5th – Monday 15th August
The Margate School Gallery

Red Flags, the Margate Pride exhibition that seeks to Represent, Educate and Disrupt, is back for its third year in collaboration with @notaphaseorg Not A Phase, the advocacy and campaigning charity supporting the lives of trans+ and gender nonconforming adults across the UK, bridging gaps and working towards a brighter future.

Together Not A Phase and Margate Pride are inviting creatives, crafts people and artists of all ages to create their own protest flags and banners in response to the issues and challenges facing the trans+ community.

Red Flags: Not A Phase
From access to healthcare, trans conversion therapy not being banned, gender markers on passports, media misrepresentation and the general day to day challenges that are embodied, psychological and systemic.

Joy and resilience is also our protest, as our love and bodies are our defiances to transphobic ideals and expectations on gender, sexuality and identity.

Red Flags: Not A Phase is a way to raise your voice and be seen through art, especially if access to physical protests is not available or preferable to you.

Stitch, scream, paint, shout, draw, cry, collage and laugh in the face of adversity as this communal exhibition creates one giant flag of voices, hearts, love and rage and solidarity.

Pride is a protest and a celebration, art making is a therapeutic way to process our feelings and produce something tangible, physical and visible to share, communicate with and connect to other creatives, trans people and the broader LGBTQIA+ community; all are welcome to submit flags for this exhibition.

You can use any material, it can be any size, there are no restrictions on your self expression. We encourage recycling and sustainable practices as we care for our environment.

Let us know you are taking part and ask any questions by emailing Lo Lo and Greta at

Send your flag by post or deliver it by hand by 31 July to
Margate Pride
68 Harold rd

@notaphaseorg @margatepride @themargateschool #margatepride