5/8/22 – 17/8/22

Check @prideportraitproject for opening hours

@prideportraitproject is back for 2022 with a new, expanded, and interactive exhibition at the Pie Factory Gallery in August and we would love you to be part of it.

For this year’s exhibition, Elissa is collaborating with Sé Mali (they/them) PHD researcher of queer spaces and placemaking. @sea_mali

Sé is creating a new audio-visual film work, about the Queer Spaces of Margate for the exhibition and would love to speak to you about places in Margate that have personal meaning.

@queerspacesmargate is an oral history project exploring LGBTQI+ spaces in Margate, through the voices and memories of the community. We will audio record the interviews to create a new audio-visual film work that will be part of The Pride Portrait Project’s 2022 Exhibition

Public places, private places, businesses, homes, bars, cafés, the beach, the sea, or other open spaces, be they permanent or ephemeral, the project seeks to reveal the different places which make up queer spaces, and the personal stories behind them.

We’d love to speak to people born and raised in Margate, been around many years, or recently arrived to ask:
●     What kinds of queer spaces exist in Margate?
●     What do these spaces mean to you?
●     What personal memories are connected to these spaces?
●     What is unique to Margate compared to other places?

@queerspacesmargate continues to build on the archive created by The Pride Portrait Project, by exploring the spaces connected to the queer lives that live here. In doing so, the different ways LGBTQI+ people interpret queer spaces will be documented, highlighting the particularity, uniqueness and diversity of queer spaces in Margate.

Sé (they/them) is a PhD researcher at UCL exploring queer spaces and placemaking. They live in Margate and are often found in the sea.

  • Date : 05 Aug 2022 - 17 Aug 2022
  • Time : 06:00 pm - 05:00 pm (UTC)
  • Venue : Pie Factory, 5 Broad St, Margate CT9 1EW

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