Let’s Have a Kiki #theparty X House of Revlon Ballroom 101 | Margate Edition 

Friday 19th August

House of Revlon : Ballroom  101 // 12-5.30pm 


12pm – 1.30pm
RUNWAY: Your ability to walk like a supermodel. Runway is divided into two different categories: European (the feminine aspect of runway) and All-American (the masculine aspect of runway). Prepare for a master class in pumping and posing. This workshop is open to all levels, for people with no experience and  those trying to sharpen their skills – Lead by Bambi Revlon

1.45pm – 3.15pm
Vogue Fem (16+): “Fem” is derived from the French word femme, meaning “woman” and is fluidity at its most extreme with exaggerated feminine movements. The two styles of Vogue Fem are Dramatics and Soft and Cunt. The workshop is open to all levels, you will learn the five elements of Vogue Fem are Duckwalk, Catwalk, Hands performance, Floor Performance and Spins & DIPS – Lead by Jay Jay Revlon.

3.30pm – 5pm
Sex Siren(18+)
: In ballroom Sex Siren is all about the art of seduction and how you sell your sex appeal and sensuality to allure the crowd and the judges. There is no one way to be sexy, this workshop will guide you to exploring your inner siren – Lead by Honey Revlon


Lets Have a Kiki #theparty Margate Mini Function//  9pm-2am. | 

The Iconic House of Revlon invites you to an induction to Ballroom Culture where Members of the House will lead workshops in a few range of Categories, which will include Vogue Femme, Runway and Sex Siren. The workshops will be followed by Margate’s first ever mini ball function.

where you and participants of the workshops are encouraged to walk to have their own experience of selling it to the judges to get their TENZ.

Closing it off will be “Let’s Have a Kiki #theparty” this community centred club night founded by UK Pioneer Jay Jay Revlon will be a special mini ball in the mid of the night where you will be able to snatch GRAND PRIZE LHAKK has graced venues and festivals up and down the UK like Prince of Peckham, The Curtain, Brighton Pride and Body Movements Festival and Wilderness This event is not one to miss!

Ballroom Terminology:

OTA: open to all – anyone from any gender expression may enter

FQ (fem queen): woman of trans experience

BQ (butch queen): cis gender gay/queer man

MF – Male Figure: Collective term including Butch Queens, Trans men, Trans-mascs, Butches – anyone who’s gender expression is “male” in the binary sense

FF – Female Figure: Collective term including Fem Queens, Drags, cis-women – anyone who’s gender expression is “female” in the binary sense

NB: non binary

Effect: outfit/look

10’s: if you get your 10’s, you will continue to the battles.

Chop: being disqualified from the category – you will not continue on to the battles

GP: grand prize – the winner of the final battle for each category wins the grand prize.

Ballroom is a space that prioritises QTIBIPOC. Please be mindful and respectful of who the space is for. Anyone being disrespectful of the space will be removed.


The event space at Olby’s is down a set of 12 stairs, accessible via stair lift. Once in the event room the performance space, bar and bathrooms are all accessible, with one step down from the bar section to the dance floor area. For more access information visit Olby’s website at https://olbyscreativehub.co.uk/how-to-find-us/accessibility/



  • Date : 19 Aug 2022 - 20 Aug 2022
  • Time : 12:00 pm - 02:00 am (UTC)
  • Venue : Olby's, 3-5 King St, Margate CT9 1DD

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